Camp Half-Blood's Halloween Festival

Hecate's Cabin

The children of Hecate decided to take part in the fest and become apart of the celebration with their own little twist of mischief.

Set at the entrance of their cabin is a table of un-labeled potions. The game involves four people, sitting at each end of the table. A child of Hecate levitates the circle of potions and stops whenever they please. Whichever potion lay in front of the player has to be consumed.

Effects of the potion vary on the type consumed.


Types of PotionsEdit

Luck (lasts 2 hours)

Love (Consumer becomes infatuated with the first person they see)

Sleep (Passes out immediately after drinking for 30 minutes)

Liquid Horror (Drinker sees there worst fear for 15 minutes)

Happiness (Drinker is induced with powerful feelings of happiness for 30 minutes)